Magnetic Clavos – Giving Garage Doors Rustic Charm

Garage doors aren’t merely functional these days – they can be the style star of any home!  Curb appeal is incredibly important, and many homeowners are looking for ways to upgrade the look of their garage door.  Whether they opt for a woodgrain finish on their doors or choose an overlay or carriage house style, it’s becoming easier to dress up the garage door.  Thanks to the introduction of magnetic decorative hardware, enhancing the look of a steel garage door is both fast and non-permanent.

Rustic design can pack a huge punch with just a small item.  Take, for instance, the clavos.  Clavos, Spanish for “nail” or “spike,” is historically used as a decorative element on building exteriors, particularly doors, especially to complement ironworks.  These days, clavos give an authentic period appearance to any home.  Placed on and around door designs in creative ways, these unassuming pieces create antique drama.

Tasteful Tuscan mediterranean-exterior

Now, it’s easy to recreate this antique look for the garage door.  For homeowners that are looking for a beautiful, rustic look that won’t break the bank or take up valuable time, look no further than our NEW Magnetic Clavos!


The Magnetic Clavos are made of lightweight ABS vinyl and measure 1-3/4” in diameter, large enough to add an easy accent to garage door designs.  They feature a textured finish with the look of hammered iron for an authentic rustic appearance.  Magnetic Clavos can be used in conjunction with any other decorative hardware.

Homeowners don’t have to worry about time-consuming measurements to get the exact desired look, or costly installation errors caused by drilling holes in the garage door.  They attach easily to steel garage doors with strong, rare-earth neodymium magnets, and can quickly be repositioned.  The magnets are also covered with a silicone backing, meaning the hardware is sturdily attached to the magnet.

Magnetic Clavos make the designs of Amarr carriage house garage doors even more distinct!

Magnetic Clavos make the designs of Amarr carriage house garage doors even more distinct!

Got your creative juices flowing?  Click here to design an Amarr garage door with Magnetic Clavos.  Or, want to add Magnetic Clavos to your existing garage door?  Find an Amarr dealer near you!

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4 Ways Amarr SafeGuard System Keeps Your Family Safe

You’ve probably thought about how safe your car, your child’s bike helmet, or your babysitter is, but have you thought about how safe your garage door is?  According to the annual United States Garage Door Injury Report, the most common garage door injury involves fingers and hands getting caught or pinched between sections, and approximately 20,000 people are injured by garage doors each year.

Consumers pay a premium for safe products, but for practically no additional cost, homeowners can own an Amarr steel garage door designed with the Amarr SafeGuard system to reduce the risk of serious hand and finger injuries.  Practically all Amarr steel doors are designed with the Amarr SafeGuard safety system that enhances overall safety for the homeowner.

Below is a chart that shows the low cost of added safety in a garage door as compared to other safe items we purchase:


Read on for four ways the Amarr SafeGuard system gets the job done, from the top of your door to the bottom!

Patented end hinge design.  Amarr’s patented end hinges are made from 14-gauge galvanized steel to extend the life of the garage door.  With most of the action hidden inside the garage door, our end hinges leave no room for fingers and provide a clean-finished look to the interior of the garage.


Pinch protection sections.  Amarr’s pinch protection sections are designed to reduce the risk of serious hand and finger injuries.


Patented center hinges.  Amarr’s patented 14-gauge flush mount, inboard designed, center hinges allow Amarr’s finger-friendly, pinch protection sections to operate smoothly and provide a clean-finish interior.


Safety bottom brackets.  Amarr’s exclusive tamper-resistant, safety bottom bracket protects homeowners from accidental removal of fasteners that are under tension.


According to a study by GarageWowNow, 71% of homeowners use their garage door as their entry door.  It’s sensible to want it to be as safe as possible!  An Amarr garage door with the Amarr SafeGuard system gives you the peace of mind you deserve.  Learn more about the Amarr SafeGuard system and the Amarr Advantage on our website.

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Outdoor Home Prep to Do Before Hard Winter Hits

By Kenny Grono, Houzz

The holiday season is upon us, and cold weather is setting in across the country. Now is the time to make one final pass around the exterior of your property to make sure your home will be safe and accessible all winter. Organize unheated garages and sheds to prepare for the damage that freezing temperatures can cause. You’ll be ready for winter, and spring will be that much better when you go looking for that spade shovel and don’t find a nasty surprise instead. Here’s what to do.

Additions and Remodel in Palo Alto CA traditional-exterior

Walks, Patios and Driveways

A paved outdoor surface in the summer can get away with a lot of flaws — cracks, loose pavers, missing mortar. When you can see where you’re going, you can step around the flaws, but once the first snow falls and you’re shoveling the walk and the shovel keeps hitting the edge of that loose paver, making it even worse and slowing you down, you’ll wish you had taken the time to set it back in place.

Any crack or hole where water can pool and freeze in your hardscaping is going to become bigger when water, which expands when it freezes, settles in for a cold night.

What to do: For pavers set in sand, get some paver sand and a rubber mallet and reset loose pavers. If mortar is missing, mix some up and place it with a margin trowel. For small joints you can also get a tube of mortar repair (I like Quikrete), which you can apply with a standard caulk gun.

3 car garage traditional-garage

Garages and Sheds

If you have a garage or shed where you store tools and supplies, a couple of housekeeping tasks are in order.

What to do: Make sure any things you’ll need for the winter — shovel, snowblower, rock salt — are easily accessible. That way when you’re late for work and need to clear the driveway, you won’t waste time digging through bikes, rakes and a volleyball net.

Look for liquids stored in the garage that will be harmed by freezing temperatures. Latex paint should not be allowed to freeze. Open it up and if it still seems good enough to keep, move it to the basement.

If you don’t run your gas- or diesel-powered equipment dry, put a fuel stabilizer like Sta-Bil in the tank to protect the fuel over the winter. Turn off the water supply to exterior hose bibs and open the spigot outside in case there is water left in the pipe. Detach hoses from the spigot, then coil and store them in the shed or garage.

Birmingham, MI Private garden traditional-shed

Hand Tools

What to do: The most important tip for tool maintenance is to clean any dirt off the metal parts. Oiling the metal or spritzing it with WD-40 will get you extra points.

Now is also the time to inspect handles for signs of decay, so you won’t end up with a splintery mess when you dig into that 2-foot-high snowfall.

If the wood handle just needs a little TLC, sand it and oil or paint the wood. Store tools somewhere dry, and they’ll be ready to go when the ground thaws.

Prospect House contemporary-exterior


Even if you swept your deck at the end of fall, there will probably still be built-up organic material between the boards. This can lead to rotting of the boards and the structural framing.

What to do: Clean the stuff out with a stiff bristle broom or a pressure washer. Check your outdoor lighting, too. Replace bulbs as needed. When the sun goes down early and there is potential for icy paths and steps, good lighting is important.

Potager Garden traditional-landscape

Bird Baths and Other Water Features

When the mosquito threat abated, you may have relaxed about standing water, but freezing temperatures are a good reason to do another once-over.

What to do: Any birdbath, bucket, kiddie pool or chiminea that collects water can be damaged when that water freezes, so turn items over or cover them up.

For all this, you’ve earned a hot toddy.

How are you preparing your home for the winter weather? Let us know in the comments below!

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Gravel Driveways: Crunching the Pros and Cons

By Erin Lang Norris, Houzz

The driveway is the first thing we encounter when arriving at a house and the last thing we see when we leave. There are several materials to choose from when laying the path for a lasting impression — most commonly asphalt, concrete, pavers and gravel. Today I’ll cover the basics of gravel driveways, plus the advantages and disadvantages.

Villa Terra mediterranean-exterior

Gravel Driveway Basics

Cost: $1 to $5 per square foot, though installation costs vary widely depending on where you live and the type of base required

Durability: Lifetime, with proper maintenance

Type of gravel: This depends on your area, but angular shapes are preferred over round.

Maintenance: Weed control and top-dressing (replenishing surface gravel); grading as needed and keeping the rocks out of the yard and garage

Now that you have a quick rundown of what to expect from gravel, let’s talk about the fun part: aesthetics. Given the natural tones of the pebbles that make up a gravel driveway, it is likely to be a good choice next to a warm- or neutral-color exterior.

Exterior craftsman-exterior

The long gravel path leading up to this beautiful house enhances the rustic charm of the exterior. Like a good rug, it ties everything together, and the landscape transitions seamlessly to the house.

White Theme Garden in Warwick, NY traditional-landscape

This gravel driveway meanders along the edge of what feels like a home in the French countryside. While materials such as pavers could give a similar vibe, the gravel fits this landscape quite nicely.

Dog Trot traditional-garage

These crimson garage doors are quite striking against a backdrop of soft-tone gravel. They wouldn’t be nearly as radiant if the driveway had been laid in black asphalt.

Studio and Office contemporary-shed

The laid-back gravel drive makes this modern exterior casually inviting. Concrete might have left it feeling stiff and rigid, and pavers would have been too busy.

By this point, I’m growing a bit envious of all these gorgeous gravel driveways. Let’s cover the advantages and disadvantages of them.


1. It’s easy on the budget. Large driveways are much cheaper to outfit in gravel than any other material, though you do have to top-dress every couple of years to keep gravel looking nice.

2. It’s easy to maintain. Adding gravel periodically is quicker than sealing an asphalt driveway and doesn’t require special tools. If you have a trailer to haul it in, along with a couple of hours, a shovel and a rake, you’re good to go.

One thing to consider with gravel is that weeds will creep up through the rocks, so to keep your driveway looking nice, you will have to pull frequently or use a weed killer (sparingly, and not where it can run off into a water supply).

3. It suits many different house styles. It can bring out the natural beauty of a house more than many other materials can.

4. It’s permeable. When gravel is installed properly, rainwater will penetrate directly into the earth, replenishing groundwater.

Mill Mountain traditional-exterior


1. Snow removal. For those who live in snowy climates, removing snow from a bumpy surface is a hassle, and removing the rocks that get pushed into the yard after shoveling or plowing is an even bigger hassle.

2. Ruts and sinkholes. Gravel will shift over time, forming grooves where water can puddle. Grooves are also a nuisance to drive on, unless you’re into the idea of a driveway complete with your very own speed bumps. Fortunately, these can be leveled out with more gravel.

3. Dust and dirt. Bear in mind that driving over gravel can produce more dust than any other type of material.

Tell us: Do you have a gravel drive? Share the pros and cons with us in the comments below!

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Choosing a Garage Door: 5 Easy Steps

Are you in the market for a new garage door?  Is your garage door broken or old, or maybe just due for an upgrade?  You may be wondering how to choose your new garage door and make sure it fits your lifestyle and your home.

Our video series, Choosing a Garage Door, can help you answer these questions and more in five easy steps!  Check out the videos below, then search for a new Amarr garage door!

Step 1 – Selecting the perfect material to fit your lifestyle

Step 2 – Choose a style that enhances curb appeal

Step 3 – Choose a design that matches your home’s architecture

Step 4 – Select the right color to complement your home’s exterior

Step 5 – Choose the construction and performance features that meet your needs


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Opening Doors to a Cure at JDRF OneWalk in Winston-Salem, NC

Entrematic was pleased to support the Piedmont Triad chapter of the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) at their annual OneWalk on Saturday, October 22, 2016 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  JDRF initiatives aim to improve the lives of those with type 1 diabetes through research on treatments and, eventually, a cure.  The theme of the OneWalk was “make type one ‘type none!’”

Team Members at the Winston-Salem Support Center got together to raise money for the foundation.  Team “Opening Doors to a Cure” raised over $2,100 for type 1 diabetes research!  The team walked a 2.5 mile course around Wake Forest University’s BB&T Field complex.

Although it was a windy day, the weather was beautiful and lots of fun was had.  Check out the photos from the Winston-Salem JDRF OneWalk below!

Team Opening Doors to a Cure before the walk, ready to go!

Team Opening Doors to a Cure before the walk, ready to go!

Before the walk, local businesses from the community, as well as educational tents, were set up to support the walkers.

Before the walk, local businesses from the community, as well as educational tents, were set up to support the walkers.

Participants passed under the JDRF OneWalk arch to begin the walk.

Participants passed under the JDRF OneWalk arch to begin the walk.

A huge crowd from the local community came out to support the Piedmont Triad chapter of the JDRF!

A huge crowd from the local community came out to support the Piedmont Triad chapter of the JDRF!

Team Opening Doors to a Cure after completing the walk – we were “blown away” by all the support!

Team Opening Doors to a Cure after completing the walk – we were “blown away” by all the support!

Thank you to everyone who supported our walk team!  To learn more about how JDRF is helping turn type one into type none, visit

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Entrematic’s United Way Fundraiser a Big Hit

Entrematic’s Winston-Salem, North Carolina Support Center held its annual silent auction and chili cook-off to benefit United Way of Forsyth County.  The annual event is well-loved by Team Members and is a fun way to raise money for a great cause.  Proceeds from both the auction and the chili cook-off were nearly $5000!

Check out the photos from the festivities!

Team Members sampled many different chili recipes, voting for their favorite.

Team Members sampled many different chili recipes, voting for their favorite.

A delicious-looking chili sample plate from the cook-off.

A delicious-looking chili sample plate from the cook-off.

Congratulations to this year’s chili cook-off winners! From left to right, Margaret Lane (IT) – third place; Elliott Johnson (Accounting) – grand champion; Steve Anderson (Accounting) – second place.

Congratulations to this year’s chili cook-off winners! From left to right, Margaret Lane (IT) – third place; Elliott Johnson (Accounting) – grand champion; Steve Anderson (Accounting) – second place.

The company Atrium was filled with auction items for Team Members to bid on. Competition got fierce as Team Members began outbidding each other!

The company Atrium was filled with auction items donated by Entrematic employees and departments, partners, and vendors. Competition got fierce as Team Members outbid each other!

Thank you to everyone who made our annual United Way fundraiser a huge success!

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Garage Cleaning Tips for the Overwhelmed

By Laura Gaskill, Houzz

Facing down a jam-packed garage? If you’re feeling defeated before you’ve even begun, this guide is for you. By breaking a mountain of a task into bite-size pieces, you can bring your out-of-control-messy garage into focus. We offer baby steps to getting started, smart storage tips and more. Before you know it, you will have transformed a chaotic free-for-all space into a functional, organized storage area.

Garage Update on Cavender eclectic-shed

Be realistic. If you stop thinking about cleaning out the garage as a big task that must be completed in one go, it takes a lot of the pressure off. Each step you take to clean out your garage makes it measurably better than where you started, which is why I advise tossing perfection as a goal out the window — if it’s better than before, that’s a win. And by breaking your task down into manageable chunks, you eventually can have a totally clean, clear garage like this one, and you can enjoy the small victories along the way.

Do some reconnaissance. Take a deep breath, and go in. That’s step one. Don’t worry about sorting or removing anything yet, just have a good look around and note what you see. You might want to make a list, take some photographs or both; do whatever helps you feel more organized and in control. On this first trip into the garage, take special note of any really big and bulky pieces: Are these items you might be interested in getting rid of? If so, take some time today to research where to take the items, or (if you intend to sell them) take photos and create an ad for Craigslist or another resource in your area.

Garage Organizing - Adding Shelves (During) industrial-garage

Compile a local resource list. Look over the notes or photos you made during your reconnaissance trip, and make a list of the types of items you plan to get rid of. Once you know what you have, you can begin to figure out where it will all go. Perhaps you need to rent a refuse container to collect trash, find a consignment store to drop off clothes or schedule a pickup of donations for a local charitable organization. Having these details charted out in advance will make the rest of the process feel more straightforward.

Invest in a proper storage setup. If you can, invest in some storage cabinets and wall-mounted storage — it will make a huge difference in how accessible your stored items are and may even help protect them over time. It’s also a good idea to begin transferring your stored items from old cardboard boxes into sturdier containers meant for long-term storage. Plastic bins work well for hard items (like children’s toys and holiday lights), but textiles and papers are best kept in archival containers designed for this purpose.

Contemporary Garage And Shed contemporary-shed

Three main types of garage storage to consider:

  1. Overhead. If you have a lot to store and space is tight, consider using overhead space to stow away some of your least-frequently used items (like holiday decor) in lidded bins. Overhead storage racks need to be securely mounted for safety, so it’s best to have a pro put them in.
  2. Wall-mounted. Keeping gear and bins off the floor is one of the best ways to prevent moisture damage and save floor space.
  3. Locked cabinets. These are essential for safely storing materials like antifreeze, motor oil, pesticides and other chemicals that could harm children or pets if ingested.
Garages contemporary-garage

Move frequently used gear near the entrance. If you ride bikes and play ball every weekend, it doesn’t make sense to have to trek to the back of the garage to retrieve your gear each time you need it. Keep these items along a wall close to the entrance instead, and outfit it with storage that fits the purpose: bike hooks for bikes, wire mesh baskets for balls, shelves for gardening supplies and so on.

Garages contemporary-garage

Keep it going. The key to keeping your garage organized and clutter-free long-term is to view it as an important, useful space, not a dumping ground for random items that you don’t know what else to do with. Clutter tends to breed more clutter, so remember that the next time you are tempted to stash away a few more “good”cardboard boxes, that Christmas present you hate (but are afraid to get rid of) or the broken blender you might one day fix.

Tell us: What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to cleaning out the garage?

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Patio Details: Color and Industrial Touches Transform a Narrow Spot

By Annie Thornton, Houzz

For many people who live in sunny San Diego, blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor living is a way of life. Mild temperatures are enjoyed year-round, and activities like outdoor grilling and sitting around a fire pit are just as possible in January as they are in July. The architecture often reflects this lifestyle. But for a homeowner in the Hillcrest neighborhood, his home’s only connection to the outdoors was through the front door. “He really wanted to better engage the outdoors,” architect Christian Rice says.

Rice was hired to remodel the house and to take better advantage of the lot’s previously unused outdoor space. An 11-foot-wide asphalt-paved setback on the side of the house, right off the kitchen and the living room, was one of many opportunities in which to do this. With new paving, modern dining furniture, a colorful mural and a roll-up garage door, the house now appears larger, lighter and livelier.

Georgia Street Residence contemporary-patio

Designer: Christian Rice Architects, Inc.
Location: Side yard of a house in San Diego’s Hillcrest neighborhood
Size: This portion of the outdoor space is about 30 feet (9.1 meters) long and 11 feet (3.4 meters) wide.
Budget: $300,000 for the entire home remodel, including the outdoor space
Purpose: This outdoor dining area off the living room allows the homeowner to take as much advantage of every square foot of his property as possible. “It’s really about blurring the indoors and outdoors,” Rice says.

French Beam concrete and teak rectangular dining table: Restoration Hardware; outdoor rug: Outdoor Rugs Only

Georgia Street Residence contemporary-living-room

The Nitty-Gritty

Patio floor: Poured concrete, after the asphalt paving was ripped up

Threshold: A roll-up garage door links the interior with the exterior. The existing interior floor was concrete, which the team kept. They ground it down and added a clear coat to make it shiny.

Inside, the living room has a double-height ceiling.

Roof extension: A roof structure 10 feet above the patio extends about 5 feet from the house and wraps around the front. Due to zoning laws regarding how close a roof structure can extend to a neighbor’s house, Rice couldn’t make it any wider.

Georgia Street Residence contemporary-living-room

Corrugated metal painted lime green adds unexpected color and a material surprise to the underside of the awning, consistent with the home’s contemporary, industrial design. An integrated recessed heater in the overhang makes it more comfortable to enjoy the patio all year round. There was a desire to create an outdoor room, and this ceiling piece envelops the dining area even more.

Other Features

Wall mural: Artist Nate Schnell painted two original murals on the lot’s existing 5-foot-tall cinder block walls (you can see the second mural through the front door in the next photo). With the clear garage doors, the mural can be enjoyed from inside as well as out.

The homeowner requested something colorful and abstract for the dining area mural. Schnell incorporated some of his favorite shapes and colors into the mural, also pulling inspiration from the Eames plastic shell chairs he knew would sit in front of the wall. “He was into the cooler colors, and I was able to slide a little of that orange in there that I like,” Schnell says. Each mural took about 20 hours to paint.

Wood fence: Semi-opaque stain on the cedar fence adds some height and enhances privacy from next-door neighbors.

Fire pit: A two-way cast-in-place concrete fireplace frames the end of the outdoor seating area.

Georgia Street Residence contemporary-exterior

Corrugated metal fence: A blue painted corrugated metal fence encloses the outdoor dining area and screens it from the street. Above is a view of the fence as seen from the front yard. The material ties the home and garden together, reappearing on many surfaces throughout the project. The homeowner had originally wanted to incorporate metal from shipping containers into the project, but it would have cost much more than new corrugated metal.

See more ways to use corrugated metal in the landscape

Georgia Street Residence contemporary-pool

Considerations: Most features in this project would work in most climates, Rice says. But the roll-up garage door does not create the tightest seal, and might not be something you’d want to include in your project if you live somewhere with extreme weather that requires a tight building envelope.

This view from the backyard shows the new outdoor dining area and awning in the background on the right.

patio of the week -- need to write (exclusive)

BEFORE: Here is the view looking out to what is now the outdoor dining patio. Rice kept the home’s original beams but knocked down the wall where the sliding window is in this photo for the roll-up garage door.

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Not Just for Cars: 3 Types of Garage Doors for the Home

By Killy Scheer, Houzz

We generally think about garage doors from the outside, but many homeowners have bought a little more space by turning garages into rooms, and a host of creative designers and architects have either transformed existing garages or introduced the garage door aesthetic to traditional rooms. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and investing in a garage door for a nontraditional use, invest in an insulated door. In addition to keeping the cold out, insulated doors can help mitigate noise.

6 Incredible Garage Conversions


  • Light
  • Space-saving without swings
  • Increased value (if you’re converting a garage, updating the door tastefully can boost your home’s value by enhancing curb appeal, for starters. But if you’re insulating the garage, you can bet that you’re adding equity!)


  • Added expense for nontraditional opening
  • Added expense to ensure insulation
  • Opportunity for bugs, dust, leaves, etc., to fly in
Modern Exterior modern-exterior

Single panel up-and-over doors. As the name implies, up-and-over garage doors tilt outward, then lift up. When open, these doors align with the ceiling. While the swing-out feature requires extra space outside for clearance, the panel may provide a little awning above, as in this photo, which is a nice feature for those days when you want sun, but could use a little mitigation.

Browse Awnings & Shade Sails

Modern Living Room contemporary-living-room

Double-height spaces benefit tremendously from garage doors; traditional windows are often too low to help with cross breeze in high spaces, and clerestory windows don’t always open, making open-plan upstairs areas a little stuffy. The large scale of the garage doors, combined with the height they reach, makes them a great solution to keep air flowing through an entire house.

Sectional doors. The most common type of garage door is the sectional, which is constructed of panels that slide up and overhead. Sectional doors have two distinct advantages over more monolithic single-panel doors: they don’t require any space outside the garage to open and each panel has its own connection to the door track, increasing sturdiness.

Artist's Residence contemporary-living-room

Dueling sectional garage doors open this space up tremendously and would foster an impressive cross breeze.

Modern Living Room industrial-living-room

Glass doors. Glass garage doors have become much more common in residential applications. Typically, the doors are constructed in a paneled design with a grid pattern separating the panes of glass. The grids can be fabricated from wood or metal, similar to window frames. The glass on these doors is designed to be strong and tamper-resistant, with several opacity options from which to choose, including clear, frosted and tinted colors. There are also solar treatments that encourage thermal heat gain.

Glass is the preferred material for those converting garages into rooms or studios, and certainly for those installing garage doors in unconventional spaces because of their clean, modern aesthetic and the fact that they act as an enormous window when closed, bringing in all kinds of natural light.

Find Amarr in Houzz’s Directory of Garage Door Manufacturers

Traditional Garage And Shed traditional-shed

While garage doors are great for looking out from within, don’t forget the view from outside looking in! How cozy does this wine country dining room and kitchen look?

Studio and Office contemporary-home-office

This Yountville, Calif., architecture home office is sure to inspire almost anyone.

How would you use a garage door in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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