Amarr® 5536

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The Amarr 5536 is economical and durable door option for most light-duty commercial applications.
  • Duty Rating Medium-Duty
  • Insulation/R-Value N/A
  • Layers 1
  • Warranty 25-Year
  • Price $$
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Maximum Value

The Amarr 5536 is designed to be an economical option for the commercial opening without sacrificing performance, craftsmanship, or aesthetics.

Product Flexibility

The Amarr 5536 has 22 standard color options and utilizes a 9 1/2" drum assembly so it can fit in headroom requirements as low as 19".

3-Part Specifications

Amarr's 3-Part specifications are written in the latest CSI format and are available for download in PDF, Microsoft Word, and Rich Text Format.

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3_Part_Spec_model_5536.pdf 3_Part_Spec_model_5536.pdf
3_Part_Spec_model_5536.doc 3_Part_Spec_model_5536.doc
3_Part_Spec_model_5536.rtf 3_Part_Spec_model_5536.rtf


Door, track and opening preparation drawings are available for download in multiple formats.

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pdf Drawing_model_5536.pdf