5 Ways to Increase your Home’s Curb Appeal this August

August is often referred to as Back to School Month, but did you know it’s also National Curb Appeal Month?  Increasing your home’s curb appeal, or how attractive your home is when seen from the street, is an investment you should plan to make.  Increasing curb appeal is not only beneficial while you live in your home, but upgrading the garage door, the largest opening in your home, can recoup over 90% of the cost if you sell your home.

Here are 5 ways that you can increase your home’s curb appeal specifically with updates to your garage doors. Entrematic’s School of Curb Appeal is now in session!

  1. Authentic carriage house designs add a sense of sophistication.  They look like they swing out, but these sectional garage doors are overhead doors, just like your traditional steel garage door.  The old-world styling beckons to a time when horses and carriages, not Ferraris and Hondas, were housed behind these doors.  The charm of carriage house doors complements almost any home, and helps to increase its curb appeal.

    The Amarr® Classica collection, pictured here, is a three-panel garage door with larger windows that contribute to the genuine look of a carriage house door.  With 84 design and window combinations and 51 color options, it’s easy to find a look that suits your home.

    The Amarr Oak Summit® collection is another type of carriage house door that can boost your home’s curb appeal.  The sections here are shorter than those of the Amarr Classica, but still give your garage the authentic carriage house look.

  2. Distinctly designed overlay doors are a popular carriage house option.  If you want an even more realistic carriage house design, consider an overlay door.  Overlay doors are steel garage doors with a composite overlay trim, adding an extra dimension of style and making your home’s façade pop!

    Garage doors from the Amarr Carriage Court collection feature a four-layer construction with a composite overlay trim that won’t rot or decay.  The trim and the window grilles have a distinctive coped edge design, and have larger windows to make an impact from the street.

  3. Woodgrain colors add warmth to the average steel garage door.  Simulate the warmth and beauty of real wood with woodgrain paint finishes on a steel garage door – an economical solution with no need for refinishing or re-staining.  Woodgrain steel garage doors are a great way to get the appearance of wood without the high maintenance.

    Amarr garage doors boast three realistic dual directional woodgrain color options: Golden Oak (pictured here, on an Amarr Stratford garage door), Walnut, and Mahogany.  Our dual directional woodgrain colors offer a horizontal woodgrain pattern on the rails of the garage door section and a vertical woodgrain pattern on the stiles and panels, resulting in a very distinct pattern that can be seen from the end of a typical driveway.

  4. Decorative hardware decks out any door.  Dress up the front of your garage door with decorative hardware options.  Hardware comes in various types: stamped steel, aluminum and magnetic.

    Aluminum and stamped steel hardware is fastened to the door by drilling and screws, while magnetic hardware adheres with strong neodymium magnets while still allowing you to move the hardware to any position you please.  Each type contributes to the authenticity of carriage house designs, as pictured above on this Amarr Classica garage door, and also adds sophistication to traditional short or long panel garage doors.

  5. Windows look striking from the curb.  If you don’t want to venture too far from a traditional garage door, consider investing in a door with windows.  Windows upgrade any garage door’s style and allow natural light into your garage.  Window inserts are also available to dress up your current windowless garage door – simply put them on the top section to get the appearance of real windows.

    This traditional short panel garage door from the Amarr Stratford® collection looks much more inviting with windows than without.  A variety of DecraTrim window inserts are available, from square to arch shapes with clear and obscure glass options.

    Patterned DecraGlass is also available.  DecraGlass windows are made from tempered obscure glass and feature baked-on ceramic designs.

Has inspiration struck you for National Curb Appeal Month?  Tell us in the comments section below!

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