Did You Know? 5 Quick Facts About Amarr Smart Wi-Fi Residential Garage Door Openers

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Amarr 860 Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

The Amarr 860 Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

In our previous post, we introduced you to the Amarr 840 and Amarr 860 Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers and how they can help any home.  These quiet, bright, and smart garage door openers offer great benefits to both garage doors and homes as a whole.  Now, let’s examine some of the features of both the Amarr 840 and Amarr 860 with five quick facts!

Amarr 860 Bright Garage Door Opener Light

  1. The brightest light in garage door openers

The bright lighting of the Amarr 840 and Amarr 860 are its crowning feature, some would argue!  Amarr garage door openers boast LED lighting with a major output – 3000 lumens (200W) for the Amarr 860 and 1600 lumens (100W) for the Amarr 840, to be exact.  The Amarr 860 also casts a 24’ diameter of downward-facing light to illuminate the garage.  Find the perfect setting for your garage with six dimmable brightness levels.

  1. Quiet operation that won’t disrupt your home

The Amarr 840 and Amarr 860 boast sound dampening technology to keep noise vibration to a minimum.  When used in conjunction with a belt rail, Amarr garage door openers are a great option for quiet operation.  Amarr garage door openers are perfect for homes with living spaces next to or above the garage.


  1. Energy efficient DC motor and power conserving options

Sustainability and energy efficiency are important to many homeowners, especially for those trying to lower their power bills!  Amarr garage door openers can increase your home’s energy efficiency.  The Amarr 840 and Amarr 860 may even qualify to meet energy efficient home specifications.

The 800N DC motors used in Amarr garage door openers are more energy efficient than comparable garage door opener models using AC motors.  The openers also have a low-power standby mode to reduce energy consumption when not in use.  The LED lightbulbs used in Amarr garage door openers are dimmable and have a light life of 100,000 hours.  The infrared safety photo beams, which ensure the door does not close on a person or an object, also conserve power by turning off when the opener is not in use.  As soon as the opener is in use, they quickly spring back into action to ensure safe operation of your garage door.

Amarr Opener Accessories Suite

  1. A full suite of accessories to help you control your opener

Amarr garage door openers include three important accessories in the box: a Wi-Fi wall station to control both the opening and closing of the garage door and the lighting of the opener, a 3-button remote which operates up to three doors and openers, and infrared safety photo beams to ensure your garage door does not close on objects or people.  You can also purchase additional accessories: a wireless keypad to mount outside your garage, so you’re never locked out, and a 1-button remote to operate a single garage door opener.

Entrematic App for Amarr Garage Door Openers

  1. Wi-Fi connectivity options make your opener work smart

With Wi-Fi built in, you can control the doors and lights in the garage from your smart devices, from anywhere.  Amarr smart Wi-Fi garage door openers connect to your home in several different ways, including Apple and Android smartphones (via the Entrematic app), Amazon Echo, Amazon Dot, Google Home, and IFTTT.  Control is never far away.

Next up in our series, we’ll explore the smart capabilities of the Entrematic smartphone app that allows you to control your garage doors and lights from anywhere!  Check back next month for our next post.

About Amarr Garage Doors

Amarr is one of the world’s leading brands of garage doors for residential garages, warehouses, commercial buildings, shopping malls and other commercial applications.
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