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Amarr University

The vision of Amarr University is to provide all Amarr team members with access to world-class educational programs and multiple opportunities for learning and growth. Whether these training programs are for an individual or a group and whether they are technical or business skill-related, our goal will be to offer opportunities that will enhance attitudes. We will always strive to create and sustain an environment that allows people to learn, grow, be innovative and work together as a team.

Team member development should always be a priority and a continual process, rather than periodic events scheduled throughout the year. Our approach is to create a “Circle of Learning” for each team member so that wherever an individual is in the company and whenever they join the company, they can move into the development process. Many of us may need a “coach” or a “mentor” to assist us or provide us with needed feedback. Whether a University team member is that coach or mentor or whether it is another resource, it is the University’s intention that all team members have that assistance when needed or as required.

Career Center
The Career Center Library for Continuing Education is managed by the Field Support Services Department in Winston-Salem. The purpose of the Career Center is to assist in the coordination of any individual training, organize and maintain the self-directed learning materials, and provide for books, video tapes, audio tapes, and other training materials to be checked out for study. We encourage all employees to take advantage of this valuable resource! Training materials available include the following:
  • Training Manuals
  • Video Tapes
  • Audio Tapes
  • Compact Disk
  • Books
  • Workshop Manuals