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Company Culture

Live the American Dream at Amarr

Abe, Morris and Herb are the three brothers who founded Amarr in 1951 as a building supply company. They dreamed the American dream of a fresh approach to business decades before being an “entrepreneur” became part of the fabric of American business culture. The forward-thinking legacy of our company’s founders lives strong today as Amarr fosters the career growth of everyone within the company.

Over the years, Amarr has grown into a national and international leader in the manufacturing and distribution of residential and commercial garage doors with over 70 Door Centers in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Amarr has continued to build a great company by keeping people at the heart of everything we do, making products that are dependable, attractive, safe, and provide service that is on time and complete.


Our culture is one of service….service to each other and service to our customers.

Our culture is that we care about each other. We care about our health and our families. Get home….see the kids…use your vacation time.

Our culture is one of execution. We depend on each other to fulfill our promise and to make the Amarr sales and service machine work. To do this we must take a disciplined approach to be accountable through execution. That means, do what you say you would do, when you said you would do it.

Our culture encourages risk taking. Herb Brenner, one of the company founders was fond of saying, “We’re good…we’re getting better.” We are growing and learning, so it is okay to make a mistake every now and then. In fact, risk taking is encouraged and we can celebrate the success and failures.

Our culture is about empowerment and autonomy to try great things and to make decisions. If you are performing well we will let you know and if not we will make sure you have the tools to get better…if you succeed we all succeed and if you fail we all fail, so we want to make it work. Feedback is critical to getting better. We need to hear what we do right and wrong. Help the whole team get better by honoring us with your thoughts and ideas.



IMPROVEMENT:  We're good... we're getting better. We encourage people to ask questions and make suggestions. We allow people to make mistakes - and learn from them.

INTEGRITY:  We treat each other fairly, with trust and respect. We encourage open and honest communication without fear of punishment.

IMPACT:  Amarr service is on time, complete and "as promised..." assuring customer satisfaction.

INITIATIVE:  We provide the opportunity for personal growth on the job. We offer training to do the job.

INVOLVEMENT:  You can make a difference. This is a place where working together works! We take pride in everything we do.