Amarr Heritage® - Carriage House

Built with heavy gauge, durable steel in both traditional and carriage house designs. The Amarr Heritage collection features the SafeGuard system and care-free, low maintenance. Great looks for years to come.

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R-Value : 6.64 - 9.05
Maintenance : Low
Safety : High
Warranty : Lifetime
Price : $$

Safe Guard Pinch Protection

Designed to provide hand and finger safety.

Mosaic Window Options

Add visual interest to your contemporary, mid-century modern or transitional home. With Mosaic Window Options you decide the number and location of windows to create the door design you want.

Heavy-duty steel

Steel garage doors with superior strength and durability.

Wind Load Doors

Garage doors reinforced to meet or exceed the high wind building codes in your area.

More services/information are available on full site.