Introducing MultiView Doors – Unique and Modern Aluminum and Glass Garage Doors

Is your eye drawn to sleek, modern designs with clean lines?  If so, your tastes align with many homeowners, architects and builders today.  The demand for contemporary garage doors is increasing, and Entrematic is excited to meet that demand with the new Amarr Aluminum MultiView collections for commercial and residential applications!  As unveiled at the International Door Association EXPO in Atlanta in April, the residential Amarr Horizon HO1000 and commercial Amarr 3582 are unique aluminum doors that combine strong, horizontal lines with long, narrow expanses of equal sized glass to make a distinct statement and increase curb appeal.

The new Amarr Horizon HO1000 residential garage door boasts a contemporary design to complement modern homes.

The new Amarr Horizon HO1000 residential garage door boasts a contemporary design to complement modern homes.

Strength and security

Both the residential Amarr Horizon HO1000 and commercial Amarr 3582 are constructed of 2” thick extruded aluminum rails and stiles.  The doors also feature our ClearView aluminum strut system that reinforces the door, adds more durability and does not block the viewing area.

The Amarr 3582 commercial Aluminum MultiView door is a strong and stylish option for storefronts.

The Amarr 3582 commercial Aluminum MultiView door is a strong and stylish option for storefronts.

Maximum visibility

The new Amarr Horizon HO1000 and Amarr 3582 both feature glass expanses up to 8’2” wide for unobstructed views.  This allows for sophisticated and modern horizontal lines that complement the contemporary design of many homes and commercial buildings today.  For commercial buildings, this also means more LEED points in the Views and Daylight areas.

Wider glass expanses allow for more views and natural light, which translates to more LEED points for commercial projects.

Wider glass expanses allow for more views and natural light, which translates to more LEED points for commercial projects.

Design with no limits

Does your home or building have unique style and color needs?  Match your exterior with 6 anodize, 21 powder coat, 26 PVDF (Kynar®) and unlimited RAL custom color finishes available in Amarr MultiView doors.  Customize your MultiView door even further with 10 different glass options, from Whiteout to Black Ice.


Are you ready to make a statement?  Find an Amarr Dealer near you today!

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Product Roundup: 8 Hottest Amarr Products at IDA EXPO 2017

Entrematic's booth at IDA EXPO 2017

Entrematic’s booth at IDA EXPO 2017

The International Door Association (IDA) EXPO 2017 was held last week in Atlanta, Georgia from April 20-22 and this year’s Entrematic booth was packed with new and exciting Amarr products!  Unable to attend, or looking for a recap of the weekend?  Look no further!  Here are the eight hottest new Amarr products from the Entrematic booth.

28. Amarr 2732 – This new addition to the Amarr commercial product family, shown here in Amarr Color Zone custom paint color, is a 27 gauge, triple-layer, 2” thick insulated door for a lower cost, sustainable and energy efficient alternative.


  • 27-gauge steel
  • 2” polystyrene insulation
  • Available up to 24’2” wide
  • Wind load approved
  • Available Fall 2017

37. Amarr Color Zone – Embrace your inner designer and customize the color of your Amarr residential and commercial steel garage doors.

Highlights: colorzone

  • Choose from over one thousand Sherwin-Williams SnapDry™ paint colors – resistant to dirt, fingerprints and UV weathering
  • One more layer of protection from the elements – your chosen color is applied as a top coat to Amarr pre-painted, galvanized steel sections
  • Available on all Amarr residential or commercial steel sectional doors, except Amarr Carriage Court
  • Available Summer 2017

46. 40’2” Wide Doors for Amarr 2042 & 2742 – Our two energy efficient 2” polyurethane insulated door models are available in widths up to 40’2”, perfect for the agriculture industry segment.  We showcased the hardware for these doors at IDA.


  • 8” specially designed trusses with high strength-to-mass ratios, making them lightweight and strong
  • Proprietary hinge saddle 5/8” roller carrier system minimizes stress on the end hinges by segregating hinge and roller carrier loads
  • 5/8” long stem rollers for superior strength and long life
  • Height and width combinations up to 2,200 pounds total door weight without center pick-ups
  • Available May 2017

55. Mosaic Window Options – Reflect your personal style by choosing the window placement on any Amarr traditional steel garage door with Mosaic window options.


  • Have short or long panel windows, clear or obscure glass, in any door location in a standard position on any section of an Amarr traditional steel garage door
  • Available in Amarr Olympus, Heritage, Stratford or Lincoln garage doors
  • Available with Short, Long, Flush or Ribbed Panel designs
  • Available May 2017

4. Amarr Horizon HO1000 – With our new Aluminum MultiView Garage Door, wide views and sleek horizontal lines give a great contemporary look to any modern home.


  • 2” thick commercial-grade aluminum frame construction
  • Single glass expanses up to 8’2” wide with no vertical center stile on 8’ wide doors
  • Equal glass height in all sections of a door
  • ClearView Strut System for non-restricted viewing area
  • Standard anodize finishes and special order Kynar (PVDF) and powder coat paint finishes available
  • Available May 2017

73. Amarr 3582 – The new commercial Aluminum MultiView Door model can help your building projects attain LEED points with more natural light.


  • 2” thick extruded aluminum frame
  • Equal glass height in all sections of the door
  • ClearView Strut System for non-restricted viewing area
  • Standard anodize finishes and special order Kynar (PVDF) and powder coat paint finishes available
  • Available in 1” increments up to 20’2” wide
  • Available May 2017

2. Introducing the Amarr 6632 Impact KnockOut Door and the Amarr 6634 SuperTherm KnockOut door – the most versatile and cost-effective impactable doors that are designed for facilities and busy loading docks that incur moderate panel and moderate to severe track damage.  Designed to flex and withstand damage to the door panels and track when impacted.


  • 2” thick insulated foam core panel with damage resistant polymer interior facing
  • Tight perimeter weather seal to eliminate air infiltration and light gaps
  • Heavy-duty steel track with retractable plungers to allow door to release from track upon impact
  • Amarr 6634 SuperTherm KnockOut door designed for perishable and cold storage facilities that require high R-value
  • Available May 2017

1. Amarr Residential Garage Door Openers – The Amarr 840 and Amarr 860 Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Openers drew the most attention at the Entrematic booth.  With remote control via a smartphone and bright light for working in the garage, the Amarr garage door openers allow dealers to provide a well-designed, unique, branded “door-opener” package that homeowners will prefer.


  • Dimmable LED lighting: Amarr 840 – 1600 lumens (100W equivalent); Amarr 860 – 3000 lumens (200W equivalent)
  • Sound dampening technology for reduced vibration
  • Smartphone control (iOs and Android) with the Entrematic App
  • Amazon echo, Google Home, and HomeLink compatibility
  • 800N DC motor; belt and chain rail compatible (7’, 8’ and 10’)
  • Includes 3-button remote, Wi-Fi wall station, and photo eyes
  • Available Summer 2017
Amarr 860 Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener in action at IDA EXPO 2017

Amarr 860 Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener in action at IDA EXPO 2017

An Amarr Dealer Appreciation event, hosted by GTO Access and Entrematic, also took place during the IDA EXPO at STATS sports bar in downtown Atlanta.  We want to thank all the 150+ dealers for joining us for the evening.


Look for these new Amarr products at your local Entrematic Door Center.  See you next year in Las Vegas at IDA EXPO 2018!

The Entrematic booth team at IDA EXPO 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia

The Entrematic booth team at IDA EXPO 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia

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How to Clear Out the Garage in 7 Days

By Laura Gaskill, Houzz

If you are ready to transform your garage from dumping ground to a useful, well-organized space, this plan is for you. It breaks down a monster of a task into manageable steps, so you can stop fearing your garage and finally start using it again.

Garage Interior traditional-garage

Not only is the garage generally filled with cars, oil spots and an assortment of stinky chemical stuff, it also has a reputation as the black hole of the home, the place where you put things and then never see them again. Here’s how to change that.

Make a plan of attack

Depending on the state of your garage, you may need to clear a weekend to kick off this task. Get help if you can- and keep an eye on the weather. You need to be able to drag stuff out of the garage so you will have more space to go through it. The first two days include the hardest work; the rest of the week is about putting things back together and creating storage that functions well. Read over the whole plan before beginning and make adjustments as needed.

Also, before you get started, take a moment to envision the way you want your garage to look when you are done. How do you want to use your garage? Do you need to make room for your cars, carve out space for a workshop or create a smartly organized storage space for seasonal gear? Keeping your goals in mind will help you stay focused during the week’s tasks.

Day 1: Purge

Before diving in today, it will help if you take a moment to set up several areas: hazardous waste, garbage, recycling, donate, sell and keep. Rent a Dumpster if you need it, but keep in mind that you should be able to recycle, donate or sell most of what you no longer want or need. Once you have your zones in place, begin pulling things out of your garage and sorting them. (Don’t try to sort stuff in your garage — you won’t be able to really clean or organize your garage if you try to sort it in place.)

What to keep:

  • Important memorabilia
  • Things you have used within the past 12 months
  • Things you have a definite plan to use in the near future (such as workout gear you forgot you owned)
  • Spare materials for your home, such as paint and tile

Categorize your keepers:

  • Holiday decorations
  • Gardening supplies
  • Tools
  • Paint and home repair
  • Car care
  • Memorabilia
  • Seasonal gear
  • Sports equipment
  • Miscellaneous

Get rid of everything else. Thinking you might someday want to use something is not a good reason to keep it. Each item you keep that you do not use, love or truly need is taking up precious space in your home and in your life, space that could be used for something more worthwhile. Give it away, sell it, pass it on … let it go.

Garage contemporary-garage

Day 2: Clean and inspect

Because they can house everything from cars to paint cans, garages get dirty. Sometimes really dirty. And while a little dirt is to be expected in a garage, keeping up a basic level of tidiness can help deter critters who may think of taking up residence in your boxes of stuff. Today is the day for a clean sweep.

  • Remove everything from the garage, if you haven’t already.
  • Inspect the garage for signs of rodents, pests and water damage. If you find signs, make a plan to treat as needed.
  • Vacuum or sweep up dust bunnies and major dust from the corners. Wear a dust mask if you are sensitive to dust.
  • Sprinkle powdered detergent liberally on cement floor oil stains and scrub with a stiff-bristled brush and warm water. Rinse and let dry.
  • Thoroughly sweep the floors.
  • If you want to get the floors extra clean, spray them with a hose, scrub with an old mop, rinse and sweep out excess water. Let them dry completely before bringing back any of your stuff.

Decluttering tasks: While your floors dry, visit your piles of stuff left from yesterday.

  • Transfer things from oddly shaped containers or falling-apart cardboard boxes into sturdy plastic bins. (Another strike for cardboard: rats and other rodents can easily chew their way in and use any soft material they find inside to make a nest.)
  • Use smaller open-top bins to organize frequently used supplies like gardening gear and tools.
  • Use color-coded labels to identify the contents.
  • Don’t mix contents. If you start with a box of childhood memorabilia, don’t toss in swimming suits at the end. That will make it impossible to find things later!
Surprise Garage Makeover! eclectic-shed

Day 3: Make a storage plan

Standing in your garage with a clipboard, draw a rough floor plan of the space. Mark where each category of stuff will go. As you complete the rest of this week’s tasks, fill in details about where you are storing what. And be sure to keep this plan — it will come in handy when you’re ready to pull out the holiday decorations!

Gabe & Kelly's Garage Addition traditional-shed

Day 4: Get everything off the floor

Storing stuff on the floor of the garage invites mildew and water damage, and makes it easier to let things get messy again. If you do not already have a storage system in place, now is the time to get one.

  • Use vertical space. Consider adding tall shelving units and a ceiling-mounted platform.
  • Use the walls. Don’t let a wall go to waste! If you have two walls filled with shelving, fill the other one with wall-mounted storage. It can be as fancy as a custom storage system or as simple as a pegboard and a row of wall hooks. Bikes, tools, shovels, rakes and sports gear can all be hung on the wall, avoiding the dreaded floor pileup.
Garage and Home Storage Ideas traditional-shed

A ceiling-mounted system like this one makes excellent use of space. Stack plastic bins (just be sure you label them and face the labels out) on top, and hang bikes and other gear from hooks underneath.

Monkey Bars of Wichita contemporary-shed

Store the least frequently used stuff in the highest spots.

  • Top-level storage: Childhood memorabilia and old documents that must be stored long-term
  • Medium height: Holiday decorations and seasonal gear
  • Lowest: Gardening supplies, home improvement tools and sports equipment

Day 5: Finish the job.

If you still have a huge pile, don’t freak out. Now is the time to finish the job so you can move on to more important things … like rewarding yourself with an ice-cold drink.

  • Take your hazardous waste to the proper disposal or recycling facility. Check Earth 911 to find a place that collects hazardous waste and other recyclables. You may be surprised at what can be recycled — even old clothing and textiles, coat hangers, running shoes and broken appliances, to name a few.
  • Make a run to a local charity shop with your donation items. Shelters and nonprofits in your area may also be looking for specific types of donations, so it’s nice to check into those first if you can.
  • Plan a yard sale if you have things left you want to sell.
Mudroom Garage contemporary-shed

Day 6: Make an entrance.

If your garage connects to your home, you probably use it as an entrance — which means you could use a mini mudroom in the area near the door. Put down a doormat to trap oil and dirt before people step foot in your house; provide a boot tray or shelving for shoes, and a few hooks or a standing closet for coats.

Garage Envy traditional-exterior

Day 7 and beyond: Keep up the good work!

Decluttering tasks:

  • Stop thinking of your garage as a dumping ground for things you don’t know what to do with, and start thinking of it as the useful, accessible storage area that it is.
  • When you put something new into storage, be sure it is in a secure, labeled container, and mark it down on your storage plan.

Cleaning tasks:

  • Wipe up oil spots as soon as you notice them and sprinkle on kitty litter to soak up the most of the stain before it sets.
  • Keep a box in the garage to collect items that need to go to a special recycling or waste center (like motor oil and paint) and make a trip there whenever the box is full.
  • Set a date for at least once or twice a year to give your garage a thorough cleaning.

What is the biggest cleaning or decluttering problem you face in your garage? Tell us in the comments below!

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Insulated Garage Doors: The Sensible Solution for 5 Common Garage Problems

These days, many homeowners are finding increased value, and even increased happiness, in a new garage door.  That’s no surprise – according to a study done by LiftMaster, 7 out of 10 homeowners use their garage door as the primary entrance to their home.  Though garage doors are so prominent on our homes today, many garages are still “unconditioned space,” meaning there are fewer barriers to the outside than there are in a living room or a bedroom.  An insulated garage door is a great addition to your unconditioned garage space to solve common problems in garages.

Most Amarr garage doors offer two types of insulation – polystyrene and polyurethane.  Either material will improve the insulating value of your door, though there is a difference between the two.  Polystyrene provides adequate insulation at a great value, but polyurethane is denser and is a superior insulator.

Amarr garage doors are available with no insulation (left), polystyrene insulation with vinyl backing (center), or polyurethane insulation with steel backing (right).

Amarr garage doors are available with no insulation (left), polystyrene insulation with vinyl backing (center), or polyurethane insulation with steel backing (right).

Problem 1 – My garage is too cold!

In areas of extreme cold temperatures, an insulated garage door is a must.  If you find that your garage stays cold in the winter, consider upgrading to an insulated garage door.  Without insulation, garage doors will not keep out much of the cold or seal in much heat.  An insulated garage door could mean the difference between a below freezing temperature outside and an above freezing temperature in the garage!

Problem 2 – My garage is too hot!

Yes, an insulated garage door helps your garage stay cooler than the rising hot temperatures of summer.  If you find that your garage gets as hot as a summer day, upgrade to an insulated garage door.  Non-insulated garage doors will not keep out much of the hot air or seal in any cooler temperature inside a garage.  An insulated garage door could mean almost a 20 degree Fahrenheit difference between the outside temperature and the temperature in the garage, according to Remodeling magazine!

Problem 3 – I have living space attached to the garage that’s frigid in the winter, and my energy bills are high.

Conditioned spaces attached to garages also benefit from a “buffer zone” created by an insulated garage door.  Because insulated garage doors keep the temperature warmer inside the garage than outside on a winter day or cooler inside than on a summer day, they act as a buffer and help maintain the inside temperature and keep energy costs down.  According to the polyurethane manufacturer Dow, an insulated garage door can help the average homeowner save up to 20% on their annual energy costs.

Is your garage so cold that your car is affected? Insulated garage doors can fix that.

Is your garage so cold that your car is affected? Insulated garage doors can fix that.

Problem 4 – The garage door is so noisy, I can hear the opening and closing when I’m in the house.

Did you know that insulated garage doors minimize noise when in motion?  The insulation dampens the clattering sound that non-insulated steel garage doors often make, meaning insulated doors are significantly quieter and provide much-needed relief for many homeowners with loud garage doors!

Problem 5 – My kids have hit the garage door with their basketball and caused so many dents that I have to replace the door!

Good news for homeowners with playful kids: insulated garage doors are considerably more rigid than their non-insulated counterparts, thus helping them endure minor impacts, such as rebounded basketballs.  Polyurethane insulation provides the most strength.

Want more benefits of insulated garage doors?  Check out the following infographic from our polyurethane manufacturer, Dow, courtesy of Door + Access Systems Magazine! Click the picture to view it in full size.


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Amarr 3552 Aluminum Full View Doors Help Create Dynamic Learning Environment

The Amarr 3552 commercial aluminum full view door is a popular overhead door for automobile shops, fire stations, sports complexes and restaurants – but what about schools?  Aluminum full view doors are known for letting natural light indoors from the outside, but with this architect-driven project, Amarr 3552 doors also helped to create much-needed flexibility and space in an educational environment.

Amarr 3552 doors add flexibility and space to an innovative learning environment.

Amarr 3552 doors add flexibility and space to an innovative learning environment.

Student enrollment at Elysian K-8 School in Billings, Montana doubled in two years, causing the need for a remodel and expansion.  Plans called for an innovative educational environment, unlike any other in the region, with a design that complemented nearby single-family housing developments.  Two architect firms were brought in to achieve this vision.

The aluminum full view doors needed to “break down the barriers of a traditional classroom approach, encourage collaboration among teachers and increase the flexibility of space,” according to Lucas Larson, the school superintendent during the renovation project.  Let’s take a quick look at how the Amarr 3552 doors meet these three needs:

The aluminum full view garage doors met the challenges of the school's new design.

The aluminum full view garage doors met the challenges of the school’s new design.

Break Down Traditional Barriers
The Amarr 3552 aluminum full view doors allow for so much more than the typical classroom-box school design.  With doors located in hallways, in the library, and in classrooms, more natural light is able to filter in and workspaces are dynamic, facilitating learning.  Students can even write and draw on the glass panels in the door with colorful dry-erase markers!

Encourage Collaboration
When at least one door is open, classroom space is larger and students are able to collaborate together on projects, especially across different disciplines and subjects.  This helps students learn to work together in cross-functional groups.  Teachers can also work together and teach the children in groups.

With the garage doors open, classroom space becomes collaborative for students and teachers alike.

With the garage doors open, classroom space becomes collaborative for students and teachers alike.

Increase Flexibility of Space
In the school’s Yellowstone Room, art and science are taught separately, but children from up to three different classrooms combine when the Amarr 3552 garage door is open.  The various combinations of open and shut doors create a flexible and exciting environment for teachers and pupils alike.

To learn more about the use of Amarr 3552 aluminum full view garage doors in the Elysian K-8 School, including BIM software usage, safety challenges, and more ways the garage doors were able to meet the facility’s challenges, download the complete architectural case study here.

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10 Design Tricks Professionals Put to Work in the Garage

By Shane Inman, Houzz

Don’t let your garage become an afterthought — this valuable space doesn’t have to be dirty, disorganized and crowded. Get inspired by these professional spaces and tips to turn your auto space into an organized and fun addition to your home.

Studio and Office contemporary-home-office

1. Garage edition. Short on space? Convert your garage into an additional room for friends and family. Invest in insulation and electrical work, and you will have yourself a family-fun space. Instead of a traditional garage door that blocks light, consider a glass garage door.

Garage Cabinets shed

2. Garagescape. Visit your local big-box store and pick up an assortment of organizational items specifically for the garage. Install them wherever you like to organize everything to perfection.

Private residence eclectic-family-room

3. At the drive-in. Transform your garage into your favorite theme room. This one’s a Coca-Cola fan’s dream space.

Garage contemporary-shed

4. Floor it. Dress up your garage with a tiled floor — it’s a great way to add cohesiveness from your home into the garage. Ooooh, so fancy!

5. Man-tastic. Give the man in your life his very own room. Whether it’s for working on projects or hanging out with the guys, the space will be all his.

Aluminum Melamine Garage contemporary-garage

6. Garageworks. Create the perfect workstation to handle all of your projects. Industrial-style cabinetry and simple countertops can be purchased at your local hardware store. It’s a great look for him or her.

7. Laundry service. No laundry room inside your house? Add plumbing to an expansive garage, install some cabinetry and never schlep your dirty clothes to the laundromat again.

Woodmeister Master Builders - Entertainment Rooms eclectic-garage

8. Garagenous zone. A garage that’s fully outfitted from floor to ceiling will turn anyone’s crank. Add everything: flooring, walls, ceiling, cabinetry and more. It’s not done until it’s overdone.

Highcroft Hunting Barn industrial-shed

9. Vintage vestige. Step back in time and pick out all of your favorite period pieces to install in your garage. Open shelving, marine lighting and reclaimed wood allow this space to convey creative as well as practical.

San Francisco Custom Multi-Use Garage contemporary-garage

10. A garage for 007. Install sleek wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling storage cabinets for all your gizmos and gadgets. Oh, James!

Which design trick is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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Amarr SuperFlex Sections Solve Common Warehouse Problem

If you work in the industrial or commercial sector, you know how busy warehouses can be.  As business booms, warehouse traffic increases.  Sometimes, that means damage to doors.  Amarr SuperFlex flexible impact sections are the answer to common lower door section damage!

Amarr SuperFlex flexible impact sections help protect your warehouse doors from damage.

Amarr SuperFlex flexible impact sections help protect your warehouse doors from damage.

The unique construction of the Amarr SuperFlex section allows it to flex, providing durability and reliable operations.  Made from high-performance Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TOP) interior and exterior polymer skin, the flexible fiberglass tube frame with steel corner brackets allows the section to flex in and out at an average of 8”-10”, withstanding and deflecting minor blows from forks, boxes or pallets.  The section also retrofits to most 1-1/2” to 2” thick sectional doors, working with most door types.

The section also contains 1-3/4” thick insulation with an 8.5 R-value.  It is suitable for environmental temperatures from 20°F to 131°F (-7°C to 54°C), and provides an excellent thermal seal.

Amarr SuperFlex sections deflect minor blows from warehouse equipment.

Amarr SuperFlex sections deflect minor blows from warehouse equipment.

The benefits of the Amarr SuperFlex flexible impact section include:

  • Reduced lower door section damage
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Seals against tongue & groove or shiplap door sections
  • Easy installation
Amarr SuperFlex sections stay in action when the door is open or closed.

Amarr SuperFlex sections stay in action when the door is open or closed.

Amarr SuperFlex sections are available in one- or two-section configurations for Amarr 2002/2012/2022, 2402/2412/2422 and 2502/2512/2522 ribbed panel doors.  Click here for more information!

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8 Garages That Get Creative With Parking

By John Hill, Houzz

One of the biggest problems with the single-family home is the garage: its design (apparently an afterthought in many cases), its size, and its placement. The norm, an attached multi-car garage often closer to the street than the front door, needs improvement. This blog post takes a broad look at garages, garage doors and driveways to see how the storage of cars can be better integrated into the design of houses.

Tarrytown Phase II modern-exterior

A four-car garage is unwieldy whatever the circumstances may be, but the architects on this project created four distinct doors, instead of two bigger ones. Above is a cantilevered glass volume that utilizes the roof above the garage for a terrace.

Garage Entry contemporary-garage

This contemporary house — two boxes with large irregular glass openings — incorporates the garage by continuing the irregular nature of the windows above. The garage is tight to the corner, showing the depth of the exterior wall in the process. It’s a unique design, but one can learn from it how the garage can be integrated with the house, both physically and in terms of style.

Home Front Yards contemporary-landscape

The next batch of examples are what I call the “village approach.” Both the house and garage are composed of smaller volumes, sometimes literally but in most cases formally through the articulation of roofs and exterior walls. In this example the garage, covered in wood with a translucent garage door, fronts a house that is highly articulated modern composition.

Saxon Hill Vernacular traditional-exterior

The garage (left) and farmhouse (right) are linked by a covered walkway that is echoed in the design of the house.

Central City Oasis exterior

A new garage can be found to the left of this house. A closer look beyond the gate between the two volumes reveals a quaint walkway linking the garage and house. A sliding metal door provides access to and from the garage, an interesting touch.

Moncada contemporary-exterior

But let’s not forget city dwellings, where a village approach is quite difficult. Small lots require other solutions, such as this ground-floor garage that has a similar appearance to the windows above.

At the very least the way the windows are stacked above the garage and entry give the facade a logic, even though each pieces is detailed differently.

PH-1 contemporary-exterior

The zone in front of the garage is just as important as, say, the garage door or where the garage is located relative to the house. An increasingly popular approach is to use a drivable grass surface, be it a product that is hidden beneath the blades or incorporating grass between pavers. Grass paving allows water that would normally run into the street and sewer to enter the ground and be naturally filtered. Here grass is found next to the garage, at the bottom of a more traditional driveway.

3 modern-exterior

The pattern in this lawn points to how it is a hybrid surface that can be driven upon.

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How would you integrate your garage and garage door with your home’s design? Do you have a favorite out of these eight garages? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 Tried and True Garage Organization Tips

By Vanessa Brunner, Houzz

Garages tend to become dumps for just about everything. Because they are big open spaces, they’re easy targets for that suitcase that won’t fit in the closet, the rollerblades your daughter doesn’t want to throw away yet, the sewing machine you need to give back to your neighbor, and anything else that doesn’t have a set place.

Follow these 6 tips from Houzz users and home professionals to clean your way to a neat and organized garage.


1. Use as much vertical and ceiling space as possible. This rule is particularly important if you’re planning to actually park your car here. Make sure that you’ll have room for your car without running into or onto anything.

For Houzz user Janet Henry in Illinois, getting everything up and off of the floor was a priority, so getting rid of as much junk as possible was a must. “The biggest challenge was just getting started,” she says. After a yard sale, it took her three days to paint the walls, scour the floor, and paint the cabinetry to get the garage spic and span. “I make it a point to sweep it out and wipe things up every week. I want it to stay nice for a long time,” she says.


The main goal for Janet was to create a space that was clean, organized, and presentable when the garage door was open. Luckily, she has a shed and a basement where any extra-large equipment can go.

This is a great solution for anyone who has a smaller garage; small storage sheds can be built and installed relatively inexpensively. “Just driving into a nice, clean space is great,” she says.


2. Before reorganizing, try taking everything out of your garage. Looking at the space you have as a blank canvas can give you a better idea of what you’re working with. Houzz user Ivan Prefer of Hillsdale, New Jersey has a vertical storage setup similar to the previous two garages, but has also incorporated a neat and tidy workshop area towards the back. Working with a clean slate can help you decide which areas are best to designate for certain activities.


3. Decide what to keep, what to donate, and what to throw away. When you find yourself questioning a particular item, ask yourself :

  • Do I love it?
  • Do I need it?
  • When was the last time I used this?
  • If I donated it, could it be safely used by another person?

Clearing out clutter is incredibly satisfying, and odds are you won’t really miss that fifth spare tennis racket. When in doubt, donate or toss it. Recycle as much as possible, and be sure to dispose of paint and other hazardous waste safely.

Just a Girl traditional-entry

4. Group like items together so they’re easy to find. For Chris Carey from Just a Girl, the garage in her Michigan home was a tricky space because it’s also the primary way that most people use to enter the home. She decided that even though it was a garage, it didn’t necessarily have to look like one.

A few coats of paint, metal shelving and some cute decals for the door completely transformed the space without spending a lot of money. Chris decided to put the items that they’d mostly need for in-house use on the larger wire shelf, including drinks, paper towels and toilet paper, and other cleaning materials.


Like Chris, Erin of Sunny Side Up tends to use her garage door as the main entrance for her home — so it often becomes a gathering place for shoes and coats.

A neat and tidy shoe and coat rack encourages her children to place their own clothes in the right place and makes it easy when searching for that much-loved pair of pink Velcro sneakers. Storage on the ceiling and walls saves room for larger items, and things that are used on a daily basis.


5. Decide which area of the garage is going to be used for what purpose. Think carefully about what you want your garage to be used for, and the best possible way that this space can be divided up.

For Houzz user Mikki Lesowitz-Soliday of Sherman Oaks, Calif., the priority was to clean out her garage and transform it into a studio where her craft group and classes could meet. However, space still had to be allotted for storage and workout equipment. By dividing up the room into zones, she was able to create a setup that made sense and was still neat and organized.

Mikki’s biggest challenge was trying to figure out what to do with the extra-large items, which included four bicycles, lawn equipment and lots of luggage. Instead of attempting to cram every little thing in her space, they built a long, narrow shed for those items along the side of the garage. That left space for two large tables, a sewing station, and plenty of art and craft supplies.

“I have loads of storage, which I recognize is a real luxury,” she says. “But I’m always purging. Everything from art supplies to my kids’ clothes. I think it’s the key to staying organized!”


6. Label absolutely everything. Another shot from Erin’s garage shows how taking the time to label each and every drawer and shelf can make a world of difference. Tired of drawers and bins full of a hodgepodge of nails, screws, and bolts, Erin took the time to organize each individual piece by type and label accordingly. Tedious? Yes. Worth it? Yes.

What’s sitting in your garage right now? Do you have plans to tackle the mess? Or have you already sifted through the clutter to create a new space? Share your before and after photos in the comments!

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2017 Cost vs. Value Report: Garage Door Replacement Still a Top Project

Are you planning to sell your home, or looking to increase your home’s value?  A new garage door could be just what you need!  In addition to increasing a home’s curb appeal, garage door replacement ranks as a top home improvement project with a high return on investment.

Curb appeal is important, but also consider return on investment when deciding between remodeling projects.  Garage door replacement gives you both!

Curb appeal is important, but also consider return on investment when deciding between remodeling projects. Garage door replacement gives you both!

The 2017 Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling magazine ranks many different home improvement projects in terms of the percentage of cost recouped when the home is sold.  The report presents data in two categories: midrange projects and upscale projects.  Garage door replacement is presented in both categories.

An example of a midrange garage door replacement would be a brand new 16’x7’ single-layer, uninsulated Amarr Stratford ST1000 or Amarr Lincoln LI1000 garage door.  Based on national averages, the average job cost of a midrange garage door replacement is $1,749, and the resale value is $1,345.  This means a homeowner would recoup 76.9% of the cost, ranking midrange garage door replacement as the fifth-highest return on investment.

This Amarr Stratford ST1000 garage door with short panel design also features window inserts.

This Amarr Stratford ST1000 garage door with short panel design also features window inserts.

An example of an upscale garage door replacement would be a brand new 16’x7’ triple-layer insulated Amarr Classica CL3000 garage door with insulated glass windows and a lifetime warranty.  Again, using national averages, the job cost for this type of door is about $3,304, and the resale value is $2,810.  The homeowner would recoup 85% of the cost – the highest return on investment in the upscale projects category!

The Amarr Classica CL3000 garage door is not only attractive; it’s also a great investment for any home!

The Amarr Classica CL3000 garage door is not only attractive; it’s also a great investment for any home!

For your next home improvement project, if your goal is to increase the value of your home, think garage door replacement.

Click here to read the entire 2017 Cost vs. Value report.

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